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This Senior Management role, which reports directly to the Executive, is responsible for providing strategic sales direction to the Branch/Regional Managers, RA Group Managers and the sales force (Account Managers) across the Rockwell Automation Region (Central Region).

1. Develop and implement an annual Regional Business plan and budget as directed by the CMO/EVP Sales. The budget must align with the overall company goal as determined by the executive.
2. Align the Regional Business Plan goals in coordination with other Resource Groups as required.
3. Works in conjunction with the Sales and Resource Groups to maximize the sales of products and services.

1. Provide input to Branch/Regional Managers and RA Group Managers regarding hiring, performance reviews and goal setting to Account Managers.
2. Suggest and coordinates staff training for Account Managers in conjunction with the Branch and regional Managers.
3. Provide leadership and coaching to the Account Managers and effective commercial techniques in order to provide the best customer service possible.
4. Assist in executing the hiring process and onboarding programs for new hires.
5. Administer Account Manager commission plans in coordination with the CMO/EVP Sales.

1. Conduct routine Customer face-to-face engagements with Account Managers or Branch/Regional Managers, RA Group Managers to understand their business, address issues or develop business opportunities. This should include key strategic accounts as well developing new accounts.
2. Assist in large projects or contract proposals as required.
3. Works in conjunction with all resource groups to maximize the sale of the company’s products and services.
4. Provide input to the review of T&C’s on large proposals and specific customer agreements if required.
5. Assist Account Managers in evaluating customer needs and expectations.
6. Approve Account Manager account assignments in coordination with the Branch/Regional Manager and evaluate if there is any effect on the Account Managers commission plan.
7. Provide input into Account Managers new customer pricing strategies (Price Codes) and well as recommendations to existing account changes. These must be forwarded to the Pricing Group for approval and changes.
8. Ensure Customer agreements, contracts and pricing strategies are maintained in conjunction with the Pricing Group.

1. Create and execute monthly Regional Sales Meetings for Branch/Regional Managers and Account Managers in coordination with the Director of Sales – East West Region and the Branch Manager Meeting coordinator.
2. Attend and provide input to scheduled Senior Leadership meetings.
3. Prepare and present monthly Regional goal update meetings with the Executive.
4. Collaborate with other Senior Leadership members and Resource Managers to identify and suggest new business opportunities which will enhance our market position.
5. Assist Branch/Regional Managers in the preparation, scheduling and presenting of the Quarterly Budget Review meetings
6. Attend and provide input to RA Group Meetings as required.

1. Analyze the overall Regions market and competitive activity with respect to changes in product and pricing strategies by competitors. Collaborate with other Directors, resources and marketing to determine a marketing strategy.
2. Prepare and present analytical reports back to selected vendors and works with them on strategies to grow market share as required.
3. Assist in the development, preparation and execution of our year planning event (FMS) or any other strategic customer event as required.
4. Support and maximize utilization of key CRM features such as leads, opportunities and contact profiles.
5. Support product launches to obtain best sales results
6. Support the Marketing group to help maximize our market penetration and growth.

1. Collaborates with selected Vendors with regards to alignment, technical and marketing activities and opportunities.
2. Assist in determining selected Vendor Support and goal setting.
3. Participates in selected vendor reviews.
4. Address any concerns directly with the selected vendor or to the CMO/EVP Sales.

1. Business, marketing, social media and product training.
2. Participates in local industry and business organizations such as Electric League, Chambers of Commerce etc.
3. Attend continuing education programs as required by the Company.

-10+ years of sales and marketing experience.
-Minimum 5 years in a management role, preferably having led sales people.
-Demonstrated experience in planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial analysis.
-Demonstrated collaboration, problem solving and negotiation skills.
-Strong computer skills including MS Office and JDE (preferred).
-Demonstrated track record in setting and execution of sales goals.
-Business acumen
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