So you’ve accepted the offer for a new job and now you’re going back to your current employer to give your notice. Your employer comes back with a counteroffer. He tells you that you are a prized employee and they don’t want to lose you.

Here is what is really going on:

– The current employer is attempting to cover his tush. When you quit they lose money. When you quit the manager looks bad. Better to keep you on board until they can find a replacement. If that happens your pink slip will follow in short order.
– You become a fidelity risk to your current employer. You’ve threatened to quit once. It’s only a matter of time before you do it again, and smart companies won’t allow themselves to be put into this situation. You will never be perceived the same to them once you’ve threatened to quit and decided to stay.
– Any situation which causes an employee to seek outside offers is suspect. For example, if money is your issue why does it take an offer from another employer in order for your current employer to realize they need to pay you more? If you’re worth more money now, why weren’t you worth it 15 minutes earlier?
– The reasons for you wanting to quit will still remain, even if they are temporarily sated.
– Quality, well-run companies won’t give counteroffers…ever! How would you feel if one of your employees forced you into something? ”If you don’t X, then I’m quitting.” I know I’d be angry. I’d be more than angry. If you don’t like working for me you should leave. Now.
– If you’ve received an offer from the competition it’s a game, especially if you’re in Sales. Keeping you on for a while will throw a wrinkle in their competitors’ plans
– If you do get the urge to accept a counteroffer, just be prepared for the consequences whenever they do show up.

The above are partial exerpts from an article by Carol Schultz